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Meet the New 4th Generation of MrCool DIY Series Ductless Mini Split Systems

The DIY Ductless Mini-Split System is back and better than ever in its 4th Generation! With a MRCOOL DIY Series 4th Gen mini-split, you can take control of your indoor climate and ease the strain of a high gas bill on your bank account, plus you will enjoy a comfortable home or office year round.


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What Has Changed in the 4th Generation of DIY Systems?

What's New with the MrCool 4th Gen DIY System - DIYPRO MC Cable

Everything that you’re used to with the 3rd Gen DIY is present in the 4th Gen, just updated and improved. Such as impressive heating and cooling ranges, efficiency levels that are off the charts, and easy do-it-yourself installation. 

The 4th Gen DIY ductless mini-split has updated specifications, ensuring maximum efficiency and compliance with updated laws and regulations. The 12k single zone has an impressive SEER of 22, making it Energy Star Certified, so you can install this system and enjoy lower bills for years to come.

How could the DIY series’ installation get any easier, you ask? You drill, mount, and connect, right? Well, your electrician will be happy to learn about the addition of the MrCool’s new DIYPRO™ MC cable. It securely connects the air handler to the condenser and provides protection against inclement weather, pesky critters, as well as gardening tools like lawn mowers and weed whackers, so you can continue to enjoy comfortable temperatures regardless of the temperature outside. And, there’s more!

The new Generation will also offer new lengths of line sets to include a 35 ft. and 50 ft. option. This way you won’t have to couple the shorter 16 ft. or 25 ft. lines to create those lengths like before. To create 75 ft. in length (the maximum recommended for the system) you will need to use a coupler, but having those additional line set lengths will be a game changer! Those new line set lengths will be launching soon.


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Can the DIY System Heat and Cool One Room or Multiple Areas As Well?

MrCool DIY 4th Gen Multi Zone Ductless Mini-Split Systems - up to 5 zones

The answer is both! 

You can choose from the single-zone 4th Gen which comes in four sizes: a 12k BTU system, which typically covers 500 square feet, an 18k BTU system, which handles 750 square feet, a 24k BTU system that heats and cools 1,000 square feet, and a 36k BTU unit that covers 1,500 square feet. These are perfect for more open areas, as there is only one place the air comes from with a single-zone unit. Sometimes one unit is all you need for complete comfort.

If you have a space that needs two rooms to be conditioned, and you don’t want to deal with two separate installations, you can choose from the brand new dual-zone DIY option! The dual-zone 18k condenser is a new addition to the DIY Multi-Zone offerings by MRCOOL and can provide comfort to spaces such as two nearby bedrooms, a dual she-shed and man cave, or any twinning spaces that you can think of!

But what if you want to heat and cool your entire home? Previously, the multi-zone DIY could only support up to four zones, but MrCool added another condenser to the lineup to support 5 zones! In the right conditions, this 48k BTU is able to heat and cool a total of 2,400 square feet! This product will be available soon, stay tuned.


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Read the Multi-Zone Product Brochure


Has the Warranty Changed?

MrCool Limited Lifetime Warranty

Great question, because this mini-split warranty is the best in the HVAC industry!

If you invest in a MrCool DIY system, they willl invest in you. For ultimate protection, you can sign up for a limited lifetime compressor warranty! This means that if your compressor breaks down, you’ll get a new one whenever you need, whether it be in one year or 10! Bring on the lifelong comfort!

The warranty lasts as long as you keep up your end of the bargain. To receive this warranty, you’ll need to sign up for the MRCOOL Care Kit program, to ensure that you’re taking care of your unit. Contained in this kit is a foaming cleaning spray, a bottle and a sprayer to rinse the unit, and a water collection bag with a drain tube to keep your house dry when you’re cleaning the system.

If you do not sign up for this limited warranty, you’ll still receive the standard 5 year parts and a 7 year compressor warranty. More details to come on how to sign up soon.


What’s Included In The MrCool DIY Systems I See on Air Sanctuary?

MrCool DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Mini-Split System

When you add a MrCool DIY Series Ductless Mini-Split to your cart, you are getting everything you need for the system to function - air handler(s), condenser, line sets and communication wire (the new DIYPRO™ MC cable we mentioned above!). The disconnect box is not included, but you can purchase one here

You can also add additional accessories not included in the system like a line set guard/cover, condenser wall bracket, or equipment pad to round out your order.

Where To Buy?

Improved efficiency, updated tech, and the warranty of a literal lifetime sounds pretty awesome, don't you think? At Air Sanctuary we strive to keep our products priced as low as possible and provide payment plan options to make our catalog accessible to everyone. Visit Air Sanctuary to get your very own 4th Generation DIY® ductless mini-split system today!

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